Friday, September 12, 2008

A political conversation with JERO

"yes spain the versus into McCain and Obama it´s very interesting (in spain and in the rest of the world)

i think, the new situation with Palin, and McCain, it´s good for Obama, because before seem the obama´s way to the White House are gonna to be so easy. and now, with the hurricane Palin (this lady have really big "force") Obama are gonna to be more explicit, with more illusion in his comments, with more agressiveness about Irak, war, know??? it´s complicated explain it in english!!!

but, Obama will win in this year, and Palin, with her force (becausea McCain it´s a bad politic, i think so..) are gonna to be a good competitor, and, when you have a good competitor, you do all do you have in your hand to be it´s good for Obama, and for the democratic voters (like you, and like me if i lived in usa!)

sorry...i will try to explain my opinion, but i know, maybe it´s so bad because in english always is more difficult!

one kiss julie!!! and, tell me what do you think about your country situation!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My mouth is numb.

I have nothing to do because novocaine takes forever to ware off and I can't eat and stuff so here I am. I want to add something regarding my hate for Ben Stiller. In the August 16th entry addressing that topic, I think there might be some insinuation that I have a problem with violent movies. That's not true. I just hate violent movies that have no plot and are bad (Tropic Thunder). I guess you could label this kind of violence, "gratuitous violence". I mean, I'd even watch an entire movie of straight, non-stop explosions as long as it made me think a little bit. I don't get nauseous or rethink my world view when I see someone's arm blown off, but it's boring unless there is a point to it.