Friday, April 18, 2008


hi! I want to tell you about cheap food.

The kind I live on.

1. Gnocci (SP?) Recently pointed out to me by friends on the Program, this delicious potato pasta is a fantastic combo of two great comfort foods. It is also, also, very filling and inexpensive and I love it.
2. Eggs: I get Eggs from the place next to the place and then can walk with them home and let me tell you, these eggs are very hearty. "UVO Billi" Brand. Or billy the egg, they aren't your average eggs, if you get what I'm saying.

6 for ONE Euro.

3. CHICKEN. Tastes good, easy to cook, also pretty cheap. Purchasable in many different places.

4. COFFEE. So many different kinds of cafe. Cafe lattes, cafe cafe, cafe doppio, etc. Those are my faves. Generally it's around one euro for a latte. Good deal right???? YEAH!

5. Milk, very closely related to cafe latte, but without the cafe. The latte here is so fresh. It is delicious.

I thought I would never blog about food, but I did.

Miss Nichole is here and we are going to go walk around, until I collapse of exhaustion.

Gelato--also cheap and delicious.

Bye bye!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Only because I like you.

Hi, if you want, I will put on a concert for you. It will take place in my apartment on ____ __ ______ in downtown Rome. You can come and find it and I'll do some Amy Winehouse covers, some Arctic Monkeys, some KOL if I'm in the mood. I will make you Ckn and Gnocci in tomatoe sauce because that's the only thing I can do but it's good. Afterward we can read from my library some great American novels because my life revolves around them right now a little bit.
Then sit in a circle and draw each other if you want. Only if you want too. I will make tea. The good kind, the Twinnings blended kind. With sugar in it. YUM.

You might not know what I'm talking about.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Hi Jules McDooles,

I read your blog since there was no email today -- I know you talked to Rachel about going on a long walk yesterday, which sounded great. It would be fun to hear what you saw in your wanderings.

About the blog -- I know it is informal, but maybe you should edit, just a bit -- apprehension = fear, uncertainty, I think you meant comprehension??? in your passage about combining Sci Fi with...... I know you know. Don't get po'd at me for mentioning. Maybe you are a little tired and still running on adrenalin as you continue your adventures? I knew what you meant, interesting comment......funny.

Sorry the quizzes are eluding you.....

Love you and miss you,


Thursday, April 10, 2008


Sometimes, in class, my mind wanders a lot and I think about....

How worried I am about existing in the Real World.

Like, I can't follow rools. I can't. do anything that doesn't make sense if I don't see any intrinsic value in the act of doing.

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hi Hi Hi

I'm going to Florence via tren.
Meet me there K?

I have forty five seconds left at this internet cafe 39 36 35

Dad visit me. In may.
I'll find a hotele.

Ciao ciao ciao

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Here's another thing.

Hopefully I will stop updating this in the coming days as I have more to do/have a life.

The euphoria hasn't quite warn off but it's getting there. And I'm getting really tired. Things are really good though. I think I'm about to walk over to Trastavere which apparently has really good food. Ex. Cit. ING....

Today we had an orientation at the Rome Center about some stuff. We talked about stuff. It was good. hahahahaahah al little delirioius annnnnnd okay here's the funny part.

So the Coordinator of the Rome Center told us all about a guy who works there, (I forget his name, I think I'll know when I meet him, who he is) who tries to take advantage of American girls. Apparently he's an elderly guy and will tell girls that 'it's his birthday' and ask them sweetly for a kiss on the cheek (it's his birthday like four times a week). He also favors stroking girls' faces. AND OFFERS CANDY.

I can't convey in writing how unbelievable this is to me.

Oh yeah and. Today, I met my first less than kind Italian.

At this money change place by the Pantheon--which I discovered yesterday--I went up to the clerk and tried to take out money with my credit card. I had done this yesterday using my license with NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER. But today, it was a different clerk guy and he would not perform the same exact transaction. This fellow looked at me disgustedly and said, "no i can only take passports". I sort of shrugged and then realized, "wait, no, yesterday, the guy took my license and it was fine." and the clerk was like, "no I can only take passports and drivers licenses." then I shrugged again....and thought about it and was like, "WAIT NO. This is a driver's license." He was like, "no, I can't take this kind." and I was very insistent that my WA State driver's License is a driver's license, like a real one.... so he took it back (clearly very annoyed) and stared at it forever. At this point I am very mad.
After THOROUGHLY EXAMINING my license, he re-concluded that he could not take this ID, on this day, from me. He would not acknowledge, even after I pointed out his crooked logic ("SO YOU WILL TAKE DRIVER'S LICENSES AND PASSPORTS BUT NOT THIS DRIVER'S LICENSE")..... that what I had been presenting him with was a real live driver's license.

Cool. Way to be mean.

I told him he was my new best friend.

And my toilet explodes every time I flush it, but it's just a 'minor problem'.