Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My mouth is numb.

I have nothing to do because novocaine takes forever to ware off and I can't eat and stuff so here I am. I want to add something regarding my hate for Ben Stiller. In the August 16th entry addressing that topic, I think there might be some insinuation that I have a problem with violent movies. That's not true. I just hate violent movies that have no plot and are bad (Tropic Thunder). I guess you could label this kind of violence, "gratuitous violence". I mean, I'd even watch an entire movie of straight, non-stop explosions as long as it made me think a little bit. I don't get nauseous or rethink my world view when I see someone's arm blown off, but it's boring unless there is a point to it.


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what_wit! said...

Turns out I hated Tropic Thunder as well. But is there some kind of exostential value to the fact that it made you think about this stuff? Sure it's not: "Do I really value truth and justice?" but maybe it helped you figure out what you don't like. You konw, like a bad date or something.