Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eight Grade

Ladies and gentlemen, an "I AM" poem (by me, age 13):


I am a premier soccer player
I wonder if I will ever get the ball
I hear the sound of cheering
I see the other defender
I am a premier soccer player

I pretend to take a shot
I feel sweat dripping down my face
I touch the ball with my foot
I worry that my team will lose
I cry about the way we're playing
I am a premier soccer player

I understand that I need to communicate
I say to pass the ball to me
I dream of getting to the Women's National Team
I try to play as well as possible
I hope to get the ball
I am a premier soccer player"

That is what happens when you make eighth graders write poetry.
I actually did cry, regularly, AT games.

We were also asked to name our "future goals", mine were:
"1. make the women's national soccer team (?)
2. learn a lot about myself.
3. go to a great college (N.C.) get a great education and make money."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jamming to my music doing my qp

playa boy go ahead and be that macho
power up that blade on that chain saw
go cut me down but i'm still gonna grow