Friday, December 26, 2008

Rite Aid Music

I'm developing an appreciation for vintage Mariah.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm reading!

"Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing."


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eight Grade

Ladies and gentlemen, an "I AM" poem (by me, age 13):


I am a premier soccer player
I wonder if I will ever get the ball
I hear the sound of cheering
I see the other defender
I am a premier soccer player

I pretend to take a shot
I feel sweat dripping down my face
I touch the ball with my foot
I worry that my team will lose
I cry about the way we're playing
I am a premier soccer player

I understand that I need to communicate
I say to pass the ball to me
I dream of getting to the Women's National Team
I try to play as well as possible
I hope to get the ball
I am a premier soccer player"

That is what happens when you make eighth graders write poetry.
I actually did cry, regularly, AT games.

We were also asked to name our "future goals", mine were:
"1. make the women's national soccer team (?)
2. learn a lot about myself.
3. go to a great college (N.C.) get a great education and make money."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jamming to my music doing my qp

playa boy go ahead and be that macho
power up that blade on that chain saw
go cut me down but i'm still gonna grow

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Losing focus

"'Dress is a fine art,' intoned the Presbyterian Banner; 'if a woman has no natural taste in dress she must be a little deficient in her appreciation of the beautiful.' This from a denomination that only a decade before had referred to worldly interests as a 'disease' and had criticized women who spent any time on their appearance, particularly on the Sabbath. Now the message was 'Enjoy the present....the blessings of this day if God sends them.'"

Very interesting, peter stearns.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


for a moment, to appreciate the genius of.........

Tina Fey.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A political conversation with JERO

"yes spain the versus into McCain and Obama it´s very interesting (in spain and in the rest of the world)

i think, the new situation with Palin, and McCain, it´s good for Obama, because before seem the obama´s way to the White House are gonna to be so easy. and now, with the hurricane Palin (this lady have really big "force") Obama are gonna to be more explicit, with more illusion in his comments, with more agressiveness about Irak, war, know??? it´s complicated explain it in english!!!

but, Obama will win in this year, and Palin, with her force (becausea McCain it´s a bad politic, i think so..) are gonna to be a good competitor, and, when you have a good competitor, you do all do you have in your hand to be it´s good for Obama, and for the democratic voters (like you, and like me if i lived in usa!)

sorry...i will try to explain my opinion, but i know, maybe it´s so bad because in english always is more difficult!

one kiss julie!!! and, tell me what do you think about your country situation!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My mouth is numb.

I have nothing to do because novocaine takes forever to ware off and I can't eat and stuff so here I am. I want to add something regarding my hate for Ben Stiller. In the August 16th entry addressing that topic, I think there might be some insinuation that I have a problem with violent movies. That's not true. I just hate violent movies that have no plot and are bad (Tropic Thunder). I guess you could label this kind of violence, "gratuitous violence". I mean, I'd even watch an entire movie of straight, non-stop explosions as long as it made me think a little bit. I don't get nauseous or rethink my world view when I see someone's arm blown off, but it's boring unless there is a point to it.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon

August 8th, 2008

I don't really know what's going on here. I think it's an "exorcism" plot. Caleb's exorcising his demons; or something. There's lots of symbolism--the Rooster (ie. Caleb's alter ego), it looks like they are flipping through the Bible, Baptism, Nathan without his shirt on, etc. Well, I have no idea. I liked my sister's idea where all four band members just milked the whole male model thing and made a music video in the tradition of a risque Calvin Klein advertisement. If you're gonna mail it in, might as well make it count, right? That said, I see nothing redeeming about the new Kings of Leon stuff. I'm sorry, but I'm not into U2, and it sounds like U2. Or some other kind of stadium rock. I always liked them because they had a garage, country, punk sound, which didn't sound like anything else, or if it did, it was a good thing.

July 30th, 2009

Fast forward to now. The "Sex on Fire" video still confuses the hell out of me, but I can see that "Only by the Night" is a solid effort. I think what threw me off about both of the latest two Kings of Leon releases was how much their sound has changed, compared to the first two albums. I complained that they've shifted to a more arena rock, less country-punk sound. That may still be true, but when I listen to "Only by the Night," I no longer fixate on how much it sounds like U2 (maybe that was just paranoia all along). Instead, I hear something more accessible, easier to listen to, more melodic, and just bigger sounding in general. There are a lot of "soaring vocals" on "Only by the Night," but not enough to rival U2's "El-Eeeeh-Vayyy-shyyunnnn" thank God.

PS. Patrick McDonald says that "Sex on Fire" is tongue in cheek. Is it?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Seattle has no cult-chah"

That is one of my all time favorite quotes, courtesy of a British Airways Flight Attendant.

And, this is part of the reason I hate all British people.
Why do they think they know everything?
Why do they always have superiority complexes?
Why are they so annoying?

I concede that, if in fact this guy was from London, I kind of understand how Seattle could seem to have comparatively less 'cultchah' than London because London is a pretty big deal. But what annoyed me was, a) the way he said it like he really knew and (I have a problem with people who are overly self-assured), b) that he followed up the comment by mentioning that he would rather fly to San Francisco or LA if he is going all the way over to the West Coast of America, as in, 'might as well go somewhere exciting'...and I guess more intriguingly cultural. Somewhere like Los Angeles.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


By 2050, Crows will have taken over the universe.

Consider the following:

1. They are not afraid of humans.
2. They will attack humans to protect their young.
3. They brutally murder and devour song birds.

Crows: incredibly sinister creatures.

Watch out.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In the end it was!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let me ask you something.

"Why would a review make a point of saying someone's not a genius?

Do they think I'm especially not a genius?"


"You didn't even have to think about it did you?"

"Well, I just don't use that word lightly."

-the Royal Tenenbaums

Saturday, July 19, 2008



Innocence Lost

There is some serious business to address.

First, I appear to have lost my Nancy Drew Clue Book. Or maybe, to be more accurate, my prized Nancy Drew Clue Book is M.I.A. I could not find it my backpack, purse, other purse, or alternate carrier. Bad news. So I have lost the 'movies to see list' as well the funny Ryan Oh Well Esky Quote list I had started.

Please return to me for a reward of $140404040 and a hug/kiss.

No questions asked.

Yesterday Kelsey, Rachel, Ryan, and I went on a hike in mt. Ranier national park. It was actually just a long walk on an access road because the lazy-ass camp rangers/former prison inmates had NOT GOTTEN AROUND to making the trail accessible to humans OR SOMETHING even though it is JULY. I don't really know. "At the top" (where we sat after hiking for an hour and a half), I read a little of "the Wendy Williams Experience" while everyone else ate the lunches that no one had reminded me to pack. I watched them eat and threw things at birds. I don't really like eating on hikes anyway. I find digesting food in the forest extremely uncomfortable.

In Ryan's car on the way back we listened to this song:

"It wont stop, I wont come down, I keep stock
With a tick tock rhythm and a bump for the drop
And then I bumped up
I took the hit I was given
Then I bumped again
And then I bumped again she said
I want something else, to get me through this
Semi-charmed kinda life
baby, baby"


As we discussed. Remember when you would listen to that song in sixth grade, or whenever, and love it, and "wanna go out and make friends", as Ryan put it. It's pretty weird how you identify a feeling with a song and then ten years later realize what you were actually listening too. When I was 11 I think that I probably thought that song was sort of an energetic, optimistic love song. Then again, I was a rather perceptive child so perhaps I was already in tune with the morbid undertones. Regardless, now when I hear it, all I hear is,
"Yeah! Crystal Meth! woooooooooooooooooo!!!!"

But I still know all the words.
And I still kinda like it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Have you realized this?

[Good] Contemporary Bands from Tennessee:
numbers are strictly for orderliness.
1. Be your own PET
2. half of MGMT (Andrew VanWyngarden is from Memphis)
3. Jay Reatard
4. Turbo Fruits (composed of half of BYOP)
5. Oh right, my favorite band: Kings of Leon.

That's a pretty good scene, I'd say.

I mean, I like that stuff.

And then you convince yourself that you want it but you don't know

Keep on trying to wash the blood from your hands but it won't go/we're gonna keep you on the run!

"The lead singer of the Vapors told my friend about MGMT, that's how I know about them."

Sounds cool.

Unless you know who the Vapors are.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Note to reader (Hi Mom)

I haven't been doing a lot of writing lately.

My writing is therefore, not very good.

There are a lot of extra words in places. Like the sentence above this one where I say "therefore", it's not necessary, but that's how I write right now.

I'm extremely tired and I want to go canoing.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things I don't understand (List)

1. Why people ride roller coasters.




If you want a rush, just go horse-back riding. That is a much nobler way to hurt yourself, in my opinion.

2.....I'll think of more later.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Letters from Camp

(I went to Horse Camp)

"Dear Family,
I just got back from the worst night of my life.
It was the girls' overnight, we went up the mountain and slept up there on the ground with no tarp or anything. I can't wait to jump into the pool. Please send letters.
Yours Truly,

"Dear Mom,
I just got back from bare-backing.
It HURTS!!!!
I rode Lynne's horse, Chester.
She likes him but I don't. He has a really choppy trott. Anyway, I can't wait until we have our regularride then we get to go up the mountain and get in pairs and all look around the mountain it's going to be really fun.
That's all for now.
Yours truly,

"Dear Mom,
Please send letters. I've gotten a little bit BORED of watching other people get letters and not me. Oh we...(unintelligible) Hey guess! Today is the sard(unintelligible) I wrote you the postcard exept its later and the trading post is open. In fact I've already gone. I'll tell you what I got 6 envelopses, a necklace, 2 pens, stationary, and a realy cute horse. Since I only wrote this letter because I was testing the stationary and I wanted to write I am out of Ideas.
yours truly,

(Horse Head Drawing)"

"Dear Mom, Dad, Kelsey, and Rachel, Today we went on a ride up on the mountain again, it was really fun. I am learning alot about horses. Tonight the Silts (the more experienced campers) are riding up the mountain. Guess what I discovered? a new radio station, 107.3 it plays "How Bazar," No Dought, The Spice Girls and other really goods songs and bands. I would really like to wright more but this is a letter for letter for letter dinner so I have to go. Bye! Bye! yours truly, Julie"

"Dear Mom, I'm writing this letter on Saterday, Day after Tommarrow I'm coming home!! I can't wait I miss you guys so much. So how were the blue angeles? Are Sam and Charlie doing okay? Do you miss me? So many questions most of which will have to wait until I get home. Dear Dad, remember when we went to the concert at the zoo right Before I left and I wanted to get the Trenchcoats CD and you said (switch to cursive) that if I remember the Band I could get the CD...Well I remember them all right. And Rest hours almost over so I got to go. yours truly, Julie"

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tango; the aquarium; DUMBO


Best 'nice' restaurant I've eaten at in Seattle for a long time.

Excellent traditional Spanish-style meal.

My meal: Sangria, Green Salad, Tortialla rellena (Tortilla Espanola), and Shrimp.

Kelsey got "el Diablo" for dessssseeeeerrrrt and we all shared.

Despite finding a METAL SCREW in some Green Beans, the experience was fantastic.

Of course, I'd never go there on my own, because I don't have the DINERO.

The Aquarium:

Public attractions (especially where animals are kept captive) designed for kids are EXTREMELY DEPRESSING.

Mostly because of the people that go to them.

Plus, I'm sorry, fish swimming around in a tank, not that cool.

Sea otters are cute though.


I really can't think of any Disney character as heart-wrenchingly cute as that baby elephant (elefant, should be spelled 'elefant').

I haven't gotten to the racist scene yet. I guess there are more than a few things about the movie that are a little 'off'; like how the champagne spills into a barrel and DUMBO gets drunk?

I remember watching that scene at like, age seven, and becoming paralyzingly afraid that that would happen to me.

I don't think the fear has worn off.

It's also nice how the 'don't use drugs lesson' involves Dumbo hallucinating (beware of the pink elephants). You know when he sees the crazy pink elephants and they turn lots of different colors and do dances and stuff?


Okay, well, I don't think Champagne makes you hallucinate.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

Disney. Disney. Disney.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Italian people small
Philippe Halsman small

juergan teller small

cindy sherman dude small
kids super small
ldn t journal small


I don't like the way images look on here, linked to flikr so just go to flikr.
Unless you don't want to.
in which case, that's your fucking problem.

[jk I figured it out, I think]

I want to tell Taverna del Campo that they DON'T HAVE TO PLAY AMERICAN RAP MUSIC, and I will still frequent their establishment.

Adele didn't say hi to me today and I'm starting to wonder if I am play my music too loud.

I don't want to make her mad but if I didn't play music I would be really, really upset and depressed and I don't have my Ipod so what am I supposed to do. You know?

This weekend I am getting an awesome secret piece of art....

it's gonna be so cool!!!!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here we go again

Like the Whitesnake Song.
[not really though, because that one is "here I go again on my own, so it's different]

I was going to go to Madrid but am not anymore.

I just fell in love w/ fucking Andrew from MGMT

Why does that happen? Why can't I meet someone that is actually a living breathing human??
Not, like, a dragon.

I'm a little incoherent, but it's okay, I'll be able to collect myself in a week and two days. I hope.

Come pick me up at the airport, do you want to?
It would be so nice! Ze family is not meeting me :(

I am going to try and get through the next week which includes a paper that might not be so inspired.
I hope it's okay.

I miss everyone sort of.
See you soon kind of.


Friday, April 18, 2008


hi! I want to tell you about cheap food.

The kind I live on.

1. Gnocci (SP?) Recently pointed out to me by friends on the Program, this delicious potato pasta is a fantastic combo of two great comfort foods. It is also, also, very filling and inexpensive and I love it.
2. Eggs: I get Eggs from the place next to the place and then can walk with them home and let me tell you, these eggs are very hearty. "UVO Billi" Brand. Or billy the egg, they aren't your average eggs, if you get what I'm saying.

6 for ONE Euro.

3. CHICKEN. Tastes good, easy to cook, also pretty cheap. Purchasable in many different places.

4. COFFEE. So many different kinds of cafe. Cafe lattes, cafe cafe, cafe doppio, etc. Those are my faves. Generally it's around one euro for a latte. Good deal right???? YEAH!

5. Milk, very closely related to cafe latte, but without the cafe. The latte here is so fresh. It is delicious.

I thought I would never blog about food, but I did.

Miss Nichole is here and we are going to go walk around, until I collapse of exhaustion.

Gelato--also cheap and delicious.

Bye bye!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Only because I like you.

Hi, if you want, I will put on a concert for you. It will take place in my apartment on ____ __ ______ in downtown Rome. You can come and find it and I'll do some Amy Winehouse covers, some Arctic Monkeys, some KOL if I'm in the mood. I will make you Ckn and Gnocci in tomatoe sauce because that's the only thing I can do but it's good. Afterward we can read from my library some great American novels because my life revolves around them right now a little bit.
Then sit in a circle and draw each other if you want. Only if you want too. I will make tea. The good kind, the Twinnings blended kind. With sugar in it. YUM.

You might not know what I'm talking about.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Hi Jules McDooles,

I read your blog since there was no email today -- I know you talked to Rachel about going on a long walk yesterday, which sounded great. It would be fun to hear what you saw in your wanderings.

About the blog -- I know it is informal, but maybe you should edit, just a bit -- apprehension = fear, uncertainty, I think you meant comprehension??? in your passage about combining Sci Fi with...... I know you know. Don't get po'd at me for mentioning. Maybe you are a little tired and still running on adrenalin as you continue your adventures? I knew what you meant, interesting comment......funny.

Sorry the quizzes are eluding you.....

Love you and miss you,


Thursday, April 10, 2008


Sometimes, in class, my mind wanders a lot and I think about....

How worried I am about existing in the Real World.

Like, I can't follow rools. I can't. do anything that doesn't make sense if I don't see any intrinsic value in the act of doing.

[old blog]

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hi Hi Hi

I'm going to Florence via tren.
Meet me there K?

I have forty five seconds left at this internet cafe 39 36 35

Dad visit me. In may.
I'll find a hotele.

Ciao ciao ciao

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Here's another thing.

Hopefully I will stop updating this in the coming days as I have more to do/have a life.

The euphoria hasn't quite warn off but it's getting there. And I'm getting really tired. Things are really good though. I think I'm about to walk over to Trastavere which apparently has really good food. Ex. Cit. ING....

Today we had an orientation at the Rome Center about some stuff. We talked about stuff. It was good. hahahahaahah al little delirioius annnnnnd okay here's the funny part.

So the Coordinator of the Rome Center told us all about a guy who works there, (I forget his name, I think I'll know when I meet him, who he is) who tries to take advantage of American girls. Apparently he's an elderly guy and will tell girls that 'it's his birthday' and ask them sweetly for a kiss on the cheek (it's his birthday like four times a week). He also favors stroking girls' faces. AND OFFERS CANDY.

I can't convey in writing how unbelievable this is to me.

Oh yeah and. Today, I met my first less than kind Italian.

At this money change place by the Pantheon--which I discovered yesterday--I went up to the clerk and tried to take out money with my credit card. I had done this yesterday using my license with NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER. But today, it was a different clerk guy and he would not perform the same exact transaction. This fellow looked at me disgustedly and said, "no i can only take passports". I sort of shrugged and then realized, "wait, no, yesterday, the guy took my license and it was fine." and the clerk was like, "no I can only take passports and drivers licenses." then I shrugged again....and thought about it and was like, "WAIT NO. This is a driver's license." He was like, "no, I can't take this kind." and I was very insistent that my WA State driver's License is a driver's license, like a real one.... so he took it back (clearly very annoyed) and stared at it forever. At this point I am very mad.
After THOROUGHLY EXAMINING my license, he re-concluded that he could not take this ID, on this day, from me. He would not acknowledge, even after I pointed out his crooked logic ("SO YOU WILL TAKE DRIVER'S LICENSES AND PASSPORTS BUT NOT THIS DRIVER'S LICENSE")..... that what I had been presenting him with was a real live driver's license.

Cool. Way to be mean.

I told him he was my new best friend.

And my toilet explodes every time I flush it, but it's just a 'minor problem'.


Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm alive.

Despite no sleep and walking all the time. Which is actually wonderful.

Matt--last night I dreamed that your mom had severe burn scars from some accident and it was your deep dark secret (one of them), no idea. Also, I doubt you read this.

Today I met a gladiator named luca near the plaza venezia. He was guarding the Roman Ruins. Not quite sure about that placement, I think gladiators usually go in the Colloseum to fight lions or each other or whatever. Nonetheless, Luca was nice and asked me LOTS of questions.
Hi luca. Way to be.

I got my keys to my apt today. I haven't seen it yet but I hope it's okay.
Also--my email through aol was not working AWESOME because I have critical stuff that I need to know about and really the only way for it to get to me is through email. Like. you know, my entire wardrobe/livelyhood which British Airways very efficiently LOST.

I changed the forwarding function on my UW Account so now it will just go to ---------> learn it and love it PLEASE.

What else? Caffe Latte this am followed by a single espresso shot. I'm gonna need about forty five more to get through today but you know how it goes. Holy shit the coffee is good I am telling you. It's all I really care for right now. I haven't been very hungry at all.... and I haven't been sleeping but I'm not really worried.

I ran into this amazing guy named Max who was with his son Stefano. Max is the son of a diplomat who grew up in el salvador. He went to college in Guatemala and then got an MBA studying human rights in Holland. Impressive?

His son, who he was visiting in Roma, speaks spanish and italian and was SO FUCKING CUTE. I think he's like eight. He kept tugging on his Dad's sleeve because he didn't want to stick around and chat. Poor guy. He really wasn't shy about it either. He was like, Dad, I don't want to talk to this girl. Let's go back to the HOTEL. that's not what he said, but he was clearly thinking that.

Today, checking out at Hotel Colloseum, all I had to do was give them my key. That was it!
So easy. It was really great that Room Service knocked on everyone's doors at 8 o'clock too. Thank you room service. I am not jet-lagged and do not want to sleep in. The walls were paper thin too. But you know what? That was a great experience. This hotel was actually perfect. No frills. I was mentally acquainted with my room as my precious little carboard box because it was tiiiiiny. CNN World. They played the Daily Show yesterday. "Daily Show International". I'd already seen the episode but it was great. Thank God for the international availability of GOOD American television. Everything else I can live with out.

Oh yeah and I've been reading the GQ magazine with Adriana Lima on the Cover. She's so hat. Is GQ really for men?

There is so much more.

I like my life right now.
I like it.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

used too much water then it would overflow into my room. Good incentive to not waste water right? I thought so.

It's hard to feel like eating lunch when it feels like four am? You know?

Back to the hotel. No before that. DO NOT FLY THROUGH TERMINAL FUCKING FIVE AT HEATHROW IN THE NEXT TWO MONTHS IF YOU CAN HELP IT. Why? Because their equipment is malfunctioning and they don't have enough 'man' power to load bags manually. This is really awesome because it means they lose bags. Four hundred bags in the past three days to be exact.
So I don't have my wardrobe. Triple double quadrupal great. But honestly, it saves me the hassle of figuring out what to wear which I would think too much about otherwise. I don't like thinking.

Today I was gonna try and sleep till eleven or something but I woke up at 9:30 because Someone was knocking at my door. I opened it and the guy was like 'sorry'. YEAH TOO LATE IàM AWAKE NOW ASSHOLE.
Just kidding. I don't have good earplugs and housekeeping was super loud so I got up and wandered around to nowhere. I walked through the Plaza Santa Maggiore and over to where termini is. Termini has this store called UPIN with clothes in it. Men and women. Termini has a lot. And it's huge. Anyway, I bought some undies cus i only have one pair. They are white. And may or may not fit. I don't know because if I messed around with them too much the poisoness red liquid in the steal prevention contraption might have broken and scarred my skin forever. If you are in italy, do not steal or you will get nuked.

I admit I thought about it for a second because I didn't really wanna pay for the underwear. You know, using money, standing in lines eeh.

But I did anyway! She stopped me to give me my reciept. Why? dunno.

Now i'm here.
I left out the cappuccino--amazing cappuccino this morning.

Okay gtg buy stuff.

Signing off.


Do you like that blog title? Very creative.

I do not like the fact that my use of punctuation in inhibited due to the schitzophrenic nature of this keyboard. It shouldn't be like that.

Yesterday I got on a plane in Seattle at 7:30 pm PST.
I watched AMERICAN GANGSTER for three hours on the plane while eating really shitty 'chicken' yeah whatever. No actually the food was good. I like that they give you like four hundred different kinds of biscuits. Anyway 'American Gangster is a great move. Lacked a little punch in storyline, but the acting was excellente. Good movie. Dad see it.

The english guy next to me had four white wines and a beer. But he was really nice and pleasant. I think he liked the movie too because he kept looking over my shoulder at the screen. Maybe I should have told him what it was? Dunno.

English people drink A LOT.

I slept for maybe 2 hours. Maybe. I can't sleep sitting up. Or in general so it's too bad.
We got a continental breakfast which was good. Especially the COFFEE NOTTTTTTTT
but you know, that's okay.

I watched the Office. I was laughing to myself at it. Kinda felt like a crazy person.

Okay and so now Im in an internet cafe near my hotele. Il Hotele Colloseo. My one bedroom is a box--I have a tv, and a shower/toilet all rolled into one. What I mean by that is--and I really like this actually. There is no barrier between the shower and the rest of the tincy bathroom floor. So if I

Monday, March 24, 2008


It is not 1994 anymore and I do not dress cool.

Grandma subtley told me I looked frumpy on Easter and we got into a convo about how to dress in Rome. It's hard to recall exactly that feeling of not quite fitting in in Europe. I think people felt sort of sorry for me in Spain. For clearly looking American (and depressed). Or, under the circumstances that I am wearing my Garfield t-shirt and flannel (which is NOT a good look I guess, I need to throw that t-shirt away).....looking like German Eurotrash. Thanks Grandma. Most of the time you kill my self-esteem and make me feel inadequate but I can look at this as a friendly reminder.

I am the one who complains about fanny packs and nikeys after all.
Gotta walk the walk, etc.

Val bought me clothes today. (Thanks Val)

Errything is better.

PS reminder I need tickets to LDN on May 17th or something like that.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


It is almost my Birthday month, though, it has been more convenient to celebrate the occasion in the month prior--and more specifically, yesterday--there are a few things I would like to say about the amazing month of April (you already know this, I tell everyone I meet, but still)

Some terrible shit that I would like to call your attention to:

Assassination of the great Abraham Lincoln : April 15, 1865
Assassination of MLK Jr: April 4, 1968
Suicide of Kurt Cobain: April 5th, 1994




But at least the world got me.

Also, March is good for a few things too. But mostly it sucks. Sorry March. You don't have much to offer. Clovers are nice though.


Big shout out to Don Cochran's 81st Bday!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008




Black Keys.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


not the one in IOWA

I keep having these dreams right?
But they are weird and don't make sense. Like.
Last night for ex, I dreamed that I had a layover in Chile (very logical) but then forgot to get on the plane on time to Rome, and I was stuck in Chile...and it involved a fat guy who wouldn't let me get on the plane even though I had arrived at the last minute and the only way to get on the plane was to go through some kind of "shoot" that no one could logically fit through except very small children. What is with that. Then the end of my dream, I was on a plane which I thought was the right one, but it turned out to be going to Germany.

A long time ago, I dreamed that when I got to Rome, the hotel I was supposed to stay in hotel was over-booked and the only room left was the broom closet!!!

I know, I know everyone has weird dreams but tell me what this means?
I am so nervous.

Just don't take my money. Don't take advantage of my American Naivete.

I'm not that naive.
This is beautiful.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

When I get sad

I just watch that superbad clip over and over again.

I have it memorized thank you!!!!

Almost famous also works well.

Not a what?
Not a....
Not a what?
WE are not groupies....
This is pennylane man show some respect.
Groupies....sleep with rockstars.


you don't even know.


SAID to be inspired by:


So classic.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Luxuries of being at Home:

(The big home. La Casa Grande, if you will)

1. Soap.
2. Salmon.
3. Ice Cream
4. Rachel.
5. Three Computers.
6. Two Washing Machines/two dryers.
7. Three televisions.
8. Three Bathrooms.
9. Queen Size bed.
10. Dish Washer.
11. Butter.
12. Living Plants.
13. Green.
14. the Economist.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rachel told me to write this

Last one for a while.

Recently I stated, "Julian Casablancas is the only man I've ever loved," half jokingly.
Upon further reflection, I've realized, this is in fact, true.


That's all.


Drugs Abroad

  • Use common sense:
    • The risk of being put in jail is not worth it.
    • Don’t purchase prescription medications in large quantities because you could be suspected of drug trafficking.
    • Don’t carry a package for anyone, no matter how small it might seem.
    • If someone offers you a free trip and some quick and easy money just for bringing back a suitcase, SAY NO!
I'm going to do all of those things. Definitely.


Today, I miss elementary school

I miss when it started to be spring and the sense of excitement you felt to play outdoors was barely containable. I miss when I got to play at Water Works, the series of trenches dug by enthusiastic ten year olds, in the field behind the school. (The water part dried up in the Spring) I miss not having seen movies like "Cloverfield". I miss when having seen movies like "Cloverfield" not immediately thinking, thinly veiled metaphor for scrambling after a nuke attack. Or, thinly veiled metaphor for what it was like when the twin towers collapsed.
I miss when the cotton was floating through the air and everyone had allergies.
I miss reading some stupid book in Mrs. McDonald's class. I miss crying outside when I didn't get into "ADVANCED" English in 5th grade.
I miss all that shit.
With that, I give you, two excellent passages from the first quarter of "Valley of the Dolls" which I mistakenly thought prior to reading, was a sophisticated feminist novel:

"She was deep in her own thoughts as they drove home. She knew the truth now. She was frigid. That awful word the girls at school used to whisper about." (29)

"Anne, I think you're afraid of sex."
This time she looked at him. "I suppose you're going to tell me that I'm unawakened...that you will change all that."
She sipped champagne to avoid his eyes.
"I suppose you've been told this before," he said.
"No, I've heard it in some very bad movies."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This quarter, I have chosen not to replace my daily facial moisturizer, and instead use Kiehl's SPF 40 Sunscreen on a daily basis.
Some might argue that this is a profound display of laziness. But I contest it is a little sliver of my own personal genius.
Yes at first, I was being lazy. I can go to wherever, buy legit facial moisturizer, and put it on in the mornings to preserve my sunscreen. But instead, I decided it wasn't really worth the effort. Besides--sunscreen smells so good, it smells like summer.

After a while, I did buy standard facial moisturizer at the store, but I was upset with the quality. It made my face greasy, Bad Sign.

So throughout the duration of Winter Quarter, I've been using expensive Kiehl's sunscreen everyday to moisturize my face. At first I was like, wow, I can't believe I'm this lazy, I am wasting so much money doing this...but it turns out, the stuff lasts an incredibly long period of time. Some still might point out that this is not exactly the highest risk period for skin damage, but to that I counter... well actually they are probably right but it's good to play it safe, you know?

Plus, my skin is going to be so hard core protected. I bet this is a really good habit to be in.

So, for the rest of my life, I intend to keep using regular old sunscreen in the place of facial moisturizer. Unless they stop making Kiehl's SPF 40. That stuff is amazing. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Side Note: My classes are horrific. Terrorism is a hornet's nest and Italian is a psych ward.

The FBI better not come after me for saying that.

<3 muchos besos

wahaat kind offff

you made misster slick ricky
and thought i didn't lov eyouwenhi i ddiddddddd
can't believe you played me out like that!!!!!!

Okay time for school.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let's see if this works..

Funniest part of Superbad.

Which was a better Micheal Cera movie than Juno okay? Sorry.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I am a miltary elephant

Jungle Book is the best movie ever made.


Today I realized that my standards for human behavior are too high.
I also realized that I would really like some blueberries.

Goals for today:

1. Find Blueberries.
2. Lower standards.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Being a Lady

Hey guyz this is my new blog isn't it so cool?


I think that picture says it all.
I think those ladies epitomize what I would like to....someday be.
Kristiana and Nichole are of course coming to!

So, I think most of the posts will be about fun cuddly animals, some perhaps dedicated to pigs. Others-- rants about sorority girls (not all--just the ones in my Italian class). Probably some brief soliloquies on terrorism/academic/school/family induced depression...and still others, on who know's what!?

But, the inaugural post is dedicated to what I believe a proper modern lady is...

And if not Kendra, Holly, and Bridgette, what could that really be?


PS I also can't argue too much with toads: