Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eight Grade

Ladies and gentlemen, an "I AM" poem (by me, age 13):


I am a premier soccer player
I wonder if I will ever get the ball
I hear the sound of cheering
I see the other defender
I am a premier soccer player

I pretend to take a shot
I feel sweat dripping down my face
I touch the ball with my foot
I worry that my team will lose
I cry about the way we're playing
I am a premier soccer player

I understand that I need to communicate
I say to pass the ball to me
I dream of getting to the Women's National Team
I try to play as well as possible
I hope to get the ball
I am a premier soccer player"

That is what happens when you make eighth graders write poetry.
I actually did cry, regularly, AT games.

We were also asked to name our "future goals", mine were:
"1. make the women's national soccer team (?)
2. learn a lot about myself.
3. go to a great college (N.C.) get a great education and make money."