Friday, June 17, 2011


"One of the most overlooked aspect in terms of what's going on and then this relates directly to the Tea Party Movement, is gender relations. At least at the initial phases of this economic crisis, 80% of the job losses were accounted for by men. Men were losing the jobs, women were losing wages and benefits because women were generally often concentrated in the contingent work force already (right so they were already temporary already part time) so they weren't seeing greater job losses as much as they were seeing their wages cut or their benefits cut further but this has had a significant effect, for example, for the first time in US History, or at least modern US history, there are now more unmarried from age 18 to 34 than there are unmarried Americans. These are the prime child-baring years. And there's a simple reason for this. Women are the majority of the college population, and their growing they're also growing rapidly in all sorts of professional fields in terms of gender relations. Now, one thing I've found curious is you find this absolutely vicious attack on reproductive rights that's going on but it's seen as somehow separate from the economic crisis and I actually think they are intimately inter-twined because essentially men's identity is seen as under attack. They're no longer the bread winners. This country is becoming majority/minority at a rapid pace and so these vicious attacks on reproductive rights, even trying to redefine rape, which Republicans have been doing at the State level is a way to reconstruct male identity and male power."

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