Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This quarter, I have chosen not to replace my daily facial moisturizer, and instead use Kiehl's SPF 40 Sunscreen on a daily basis.
Some might argue that this is a profound display of laziness. But I contest it is a little sliver of my own personal genius.
Yes at first, I was being lazy. I can go to wherever, buy legit facial moisturizer, and put it on in the mornings to preserve my sunscreen. But instead, I decided it wasn't really worth the effort. Besides--sunscreen smells so good, it smells like summer.

After a while, I did buy standard facial moisturizer at the store, but I was upset with the quality. It made my face greasy, Bad Sign.

So throughout the duration of Winter Quarter, I've been using expensive Kiehl's sunscreen everyday to moisturize my face. At first I was like, wow, I can't believe I'm this lazy, I am wasting so much money doing this...but it turns out, the stuff lasts an incredibly long period of time. Some still might point out that this is not exactly the highest risk period for skin damage, but to that I counter... well actually they are probably right but it's good to play it safe, you know?

Plus, my skin is going to be so hard core protected. I bet this is a really good habit to be in.

So, for the rest of my life, I intend to keep using regular old sunscreen in the place of facial moisturizer. Unless they stop making Kiehl's SPF 40. That stuff is amazing. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Side Note: My classes are horrific. Terrorism is a hornet's nest and Italian is a psych ward.

The FBI better not come after me for saying that.

<3 muchos besos


miss brix said...

i am prom 365 days a year sunscreen wearing. and there's nothing wrong with using something super nice. kudos

Pachie said...

Excuse me but I think I should point out that skin cancer causing UVA rays are CONSTANT year round, so it's smart to wear sunscreen year round.
HOWEVER, sunscreen also blocks Vitamin D, an important cancer reducing vitamin. Studies have shown that daily exposure to Vitamin D greatly reduces your chances of getting cancer.
Thus, the best way to save yourself from both skin aging and other forms of cancer is to get outside for 15 minutes everyday WITHOUT sunscreen. Sidenote: The amount of Vitamin D exposure in Seattle is very weak so it's kind of a lose-lose).

Captain Julie said...

Thank you rachel.
I like your input. It has been a big influence in terms of how I take care of my skin.