Thursday, February 28, 2008


Today, I miss elementary school

I miss when it started to be spring and the sense of excitement you felt to play outdoors was barely containable. I miss when I got to play at Water Works, the series of trenches dug by enthusiastic ten year olds, in the field behind the school. (The water part dried up in the Spring) I miss not having seen movies like "Cloverfield". I miss when having seen movies like "Cloverfield" not immediately thinking, thinly veiled metaphor for scrambling after a nuke attack. Or, thinly veiled metaphor for what it was like when the twin towers collapsed.
I miss when the cotton was floating through the air and everyone had allergies.
I miss reading some stupid book in Mrs. McDonald's class. I miss crying outside when I didn't get into "ADVANCED" English in 5th grade.
I miss all that shit.
With that, I give you, two excellent passages from the first quarter of "Valley of the Dolls" which I mistakenly thought prior to reading, was a sophisticated feminist novel:

"She was deep in her own thoughts as they drove home. She knew the truth now. She was frigid. That awful word the girls at school used to whisper about." (29)

"Anne, I think you're afraid of sex."
This time she looked at him. "I suppose you're going to tell me that I'm unawakened...that you will change all that."
She sipped champagne to avoid his eyes.
"I suppose you've been told this before," he said.
"No, I've heard it in some very bad movies."


Nichole said...

agh, i LOVE *valley of the dolls*. i want to re-re-read it.

Captain Julie said...

it's tha best.