Friday, April 18, 2008


hi! I want to tell you about cheap food.

The kind I live on.

1. Gnocci (SP?) Recently pointed out to me by friends on the Program, this delicious potato pasta is a fantastic combo of two great comfort foods. It is also, also, very filling and inexpensive and I love it.
2. Eggs: I get Eggs from the place next to the place and then can walk with them home and let me tell you, these eggs are very hearty. "UVO Billi" Brand. Or billy the egg, they aren't your average eggs, if you get what I'm saying.

6 for ONE Euro.

3. CHICKEN. Tastes good, easy to cook, also pretty cheap. Purchasable in many different places.

4. COFFEE. So many different kinds of cafe. Cafe lattes, cafe cafe, cafe doppio, etc. Those are my faves. Generally it's around one euro for a latte. Good deal right???? YEAH!

5. Milk, very closely related to cafe latte, but without the cafe. The latte here is so fresh. It is delicious.

I thought I would never blog about food, but I did.

Miss Nichole is here and we are going to go walk around, until I collapse of exhaustion.

Gelato--also cheap and delicious.

Bye bye!

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