Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Here's another thing.

Hopefully I will stop updating this in the coming days as I have more to do/have a life.

The euphoria hasn't quite warn off but it's getting there. And I'm getting really tired. Things are really good though. I think I'm about to walk over to Trastavere which apparently has really good food. Ex. Cit. ING....

Today we had an orientation at the Rome Center about some stuff. We talked about stuff. It was good. hahahahaahah al little delirioius annnnnnd okay here's the funny part.

So the Coordinator of the Rome Center told us all about a guy who works there, (I forget his name, I think I'll know when I meet him, who he is) who tries to take advantage of American girls. Apparently he's an elderly guy and will tell girls that 'it's his birthday' and ask them sweetly for a kiss on the cheek (it's his birthday like four times a week). He also favors stroking girls' faces. AND OFFERS CANDY.

I can't convey in writing how unbelievable this is to me.

Oh yeah and. Today, I met my first less than kind Italian.

At this money change place by the Pantheon--which I discovered yesterday--I went up to the clerk and tried to take out money with my credit card. I had done this yesterday using my license with NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER. But today, it was a different clerk guy and he would not perform the same exact transaction. This fellow looked at me disgustedly and said, "no i can only take passports". I sort of shrugged and then realized, "wait, no, yesterday, the guy took my license and it was fine." and the clerk was like, "no I can only take passports and drivers licenses." then I shrugged again....and thought about it and was like, "WAIT NO. This is a driver's license." He was like, "no, I can't take this kind." and I was very insistent that my WA State driver's License is a driver's license, like a real one.... so he took it back (clearly very annoyed) and stared at it forever. At this point I am very mad.
After THOROUGHLY EXAMINING my license, he re-concluded that he could not take this ID, on this day, from me. He would not acknowledge, even after I pointed out his crooked logic ("SO YOU WILL TAKE DRIVER'S LICENSES AND PASSPORTS BUT NOT THIS DRIVER'S LICENSE")..... that what I had been presenting him with was a real live driver's license.

Cool. Way to be mean.

I told him he was my new best friend.

And my toilet explodes every time I flush it, but it's just a 'minor problem'.



Knee Coal said...

I do not need warm water nor a working toilet.

all systems go on staying with me in london town

Juliana said...

the old guy doesn't work there, he just lives there. he's too old to be scary, but it is super creepy to get offered a piece of candy by a shakey, 80-year old pervert.

Captain Julie said...

oh hey juliana.