Sunday, June 22, 2008

Letters from Camp

(I went to Horse Camp)

"Dear Family,
I just got back from the worst night of my life.
It was the girls' overnight, we went up the mountain and slept up there on the ground with no tarp or anything. I can't wait to jump into the pool. Please send letters.
Yours Truly,

"Dear Mom,
I just got back from bare-backing.
It HURTS!!!!
I rode Lynne's horse, Chester.
She likes him but I don't. He has a really choppy trott. Anyway, I can't wait until we have our regularride then we get to go up the mountain and get in pairs and all look around the mountain it's going to be really fun.
That's all for now.
Yours truly,

"Dear Mom,
Please send letters. I've gotten a little bit BORED of watching other people get letters and not me. Oh we...(unintelligible) Hey guess! Today is the sard(unintelligible) I wrote you the postcard exept its later and the trading post is open. In fact I've already gone. I'll tell you what I got 6 envelopses, a necklace, 2 pens, stationary, and a realy cute horse. Since I only wrote this letter because I was testing the stationary and I wanted to write I am out of Ideas.
yours truly,

(Horse Head Drawing)"

"Dear Mom, Dad, Kelsey, and Rachel, Today we went on a ride up on the mountain again, it was really fun. I am learning alot about horses. Tonight the Silts (the more experienced campers) are riding up the mountain. Guess what I discovered? a new radio station, 107.3 it plays "How Bazar," No Dought, The Spice Girls and other really goods songs and bands. I would really like to wright more but this is a letter for letter for letter dinner so I have to go. Bye! Bye! yours truly, Julie"

"Dear Mom, I'm writing this letter on Saterday, Day after Tommarrow I'm coming home!! I can't wait I miss you guys so much. So how were the blue angeles? Are Sam and Charlie doing okay? Do you miss me? So many questions most of which will have to wait until I get home. Dear Dad, remember when we went to the concert at the zoo right Before I left and I wanted to get the Trenchcoats CD and you said (switch to cursive) that if I remember the Band I could get the CD...Well I remember them all right. And Rest hours almost over so I got to go. yours truly, Julie"

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