Friday, June 13, 2008

Tango; the aquarium; DUMBO


Best 'nice' restaurant I've eaten at in Seattle for a long time.

Excellent traditional Spanish-style meal.

My meal: Sangria, Green Salad, Tortialla rellena (Tortilla Espanola), and Shrimp.

Kelsey got "el Diablo" for dessssseeeeerrrrt and we all shared.

Despite finding a METAL SCREW in some Green Beans, the experience was fantastic.

Of course, I'd never go there on my own, because I don't have the DINERO.

The Aquarium:

Public attractions (especially where animals are kept captive) designed for kids are EXTREMELY DEPRESSING.

Mostly because of the people that go to them.

Plus, I'm sorry, fish swimming around in a tank, not that cool.

Sea otters are cute though.


I really can't think of any Disney character as heart-wrenchingly cute as that baby elephant (elefant, should be spelled 'elefant').

I haven't gotten to the racist scene yet. I guess there are more than a few things about the movie that are a little 'off'; like how the champagne spills into a barrel and DUMBO gets drunk?

I remember watching that scene at like, age seven, and becoming paralyzingly afraid that that would happen to me.

I don't think the fear has worn off.

It's also nice how the 'don't use drugs lesson' involves Dumbo hallucinating (beware of the pink elephants). You know when he sees the crazy pink elephants and they turn lots of different colors and do dances and stuff?


Okay, well, I don't think Champagne makes you hallucinate.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

Disney. Disney. Disney.

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