Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Have you realized this?

[Good] Contemporary Bands from Tennessee:
numbers are strictly for orderliness.
1. Be your own PET
2. half of MGMT (Andrew VanWyngarden is from Memphis)
3. Jay Reatard
4. Turbo Fruits (composed of half of BYOP)
5. Oh right, my favorite band: Kings of Leon.

That's a pretty good scene, I'd say.

I mean, I like that stuff.


aaarrrgh! said...

Don't forget Meemaw and JEFF The Brotherhood! byoP was started as a side project of JEFF The Brotherhood by Jamin and Jake when John and Jonas were in Jimmy Cushman? on Infinity Cat Records. Nathan later took Jake's place on bass, and when Jamin left byoP to focus on JEFF The Brotherhood, John took Jamin's place in byoP! What's Meemaw got to do with it? Nothing, they're just great. Check out

Captain Julie said...


you know, I am familiar with JEFF.

Like them too.

I'll try and listen to Meemaw more.