Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm alive.

Despite no sleep and walking all the time. Which is actually wonderful.

Matt--last night I dreamed that your mom had severe burn scars from some accident and it was your deep dark secret (one of them), no idea. Also, I doubt you read this.

Today I met a gladiator named luca near the plaza venezia. He was guarding the Roman Ruins. Not quite sure about that placement, I think gladiators usually go in the Colloseum to fight lions or each other or whatever. Nonetheless, Luca was nice and asked me LOTS of questions.
Hi luca. Way to be.

I got my keys to my apt today. I haven't seen it yet but I hope it's okay.
Also--my email through aol was not working AWESOME because I have critical stuff that I need to know about and really the only way for it to get to me is through email. Like. you know, my entire wardrobe/livelyhood which British Airways very efficiently LOST.

I changed the forwarding function on my UW Account so now it will just go to ---------> learn it and love it PLEASE.

What else? Caffe Latte this am followed by a single espresso shot. I'm gonna need about forty five more to get through today but you know how it goes. Holy shit the coffee is good I am telling you. It's all I really care for right now. I haven't been very hungry at all.... and I haven't been sleeping but I'm not really worried.

I ran into this amazing guy named Max who was with his son Stefano. Max is the son of a diplomat who grew up in el salvador. He went to college in Guatemala and then got an MBA studying human rights in Holland. Impressive?

His son, who he was visiting in Roma, speaks spanish and italian and was SO FUCKING CUTE. I think he's like eight. He kept tugging on his Dad's sleeve because he didn't want to stick around and chat. Poor guy. He really wasn't shy about it either. He was like, Dad, I don't want to talk to this girl. Let's go back to the HOTEL. that's not what he said, but he was clearly thinking that.

Today, checking out at Hotel Colloseum, all I had to do was give them my key. That was it!
So easy. It was really great that Room Service knocked on everyone's doors at 8 o'clock too. Thank you room service. I am not jet-lagged and do not want to sleep in. The walls were paper thin too. But you know what? That was a great experience. This hotel was actually perfect. No frills. I was mentally acquainted with my room as my precious little carboard box because it was tiiiiiny. CNN World. They played the Daily Show yesterday. "Daily Show International". I'd already seen the episode but it was great. Thank God for the international availability of GOOD American television. Everything else I can live with out.

Oh yeah and I've been reading the GQ magazine with Adriana Lima on the Cover. She's so hat. Is GQ really for men?

There is so much more.

I like my life right now.
I like it.


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miss brix said...

julie i love your spastic writing. i'm so glad you are doing well.