Monday, March 24, 2008


It is not 1994 anymore and I do not dress cool.

Grandma subtley told me I looked frumpy on Easter and we got into a convo about how to dress in Rome. It's hard to recall exactly that feeling of not quite fitting in in Europe. I think people felt sort of sorry for me in Spain. For clearly looking American (and depressed). Or, under the circumstances that I am wearing my Garfield t-shirt and flannel (which is NOT a good look I guess, I need to throw that t-shirt away).....looking like German Eurotrash. Thanks Grandma. Most of the time you kill my self-esteem and make me feel inadequate but I can look at this as a friendly reminder.

I am the one who complains about fanny packs and nikeys after all.
Gotta walk the walk, etc.

Val bought me clothes today. (Thanks Val)

Errything is better.

PS reminder I need tickets to LDN on May 17th or something like that.

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Knee Coal said...

i think you looking smashing all of the time