Sunday, March 30, 2008


Do you like that blog title? Very creative.

I do not like the fact that my use of punctuation in inhibited due to the schitzophrenic nature of this keyboard. It shouldn't be like that.

Yesterday I got on a plane in Seattle at 7:30 pm PST.
I watched AMERICAN GANGSTER for three hours on the plane while eating really shitty 'chicken' yeah whatever. No actually the food was good. I like that they give you like four hundred different kinds of biscuits. Anyway 'American Gangster is a great move. Lacked a little punch in storyline, but the acting was excellente. Good movie. Dad see it.

The english guy next to me had four white wines and a beer. But he was really nice and pleasant. I think he liked the movie too because he kept looking over my shoulder at the screen. Maybe I should have told him what it was? Dunno.

English people drink A LOT.

I slept for maybe 2 hours. Maybe. I can't sleep sitting up. Or in general so it's too bad.
We got a continental breakfast which was good. Especially the COFFEE NOTTTTTTTT
but you know, that's okay.

I watched the Office. I was laughing to myself at it. Kinda felt like a crazy person.

Okay and so now Im in an internet cafe near my hotele. Il Hotele Colloseo. My one bedroom is a box--I have a tv, and a shower/toilet all rolled into one. What I mean by that is--and I really like this actually. There is no barrier between the shower and the rest of the tincy bathroom floor. So if I

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