Wednesday, March 5, 2008


not the one in IOWA

I keep having these dreams right?
But they are weird and don't make sense. Like.
Last night for ex, I dreamed that I had a layover in Chile (very logical) but then forgot to get on the plane on time to Rome, and I was stuck in Chile...and it involved a fat guy who wouldn't let me get on the plane even though I had arrived at the last minute and the only way to get on the plane was to go through some kind of "shoot" that no one could logically fit through except very small children. What is with that. Then the end of my dream, I was on a plane which I thought was the right one, but it turned out to be going to Germany.

A long time ago, I dreamed that when I got to Rome, the hotel I was supposed to stay in hotel was over-booked and the only room left was the broom closet!!!

I know, I know everyone has weird dreams but tell me what this means?
I am so nervous.

Just don't take my money. Don't take advantage of my American Naivete.

I'm not that naive.
This is beautiful.



Nichole said...

you're right. what you said yesterday. we're going to be fine.

Captain Julie said...

I know girl.
See ya tomrraw.