Sunday, March 30, 2008

used too much water then it would overflow into my room. Good incentive to not waste water right? I thought so.

It's hard to feel like eating lunch when it feels like four am? You know?

Back to the hotel. No before that. DO NOT FLY THROUGH TERMINAL FUCKING FIVE AT HEATHROW IN THE NEXT TWO MONTHS IF YOU CAN HELP IT. Why? Because their equipment is malfunctioning and they don't have enough 'man' power to load bags manually. This is really awesome because it means they lose bags. Four hundred bags in the past three days to be exact.
So I don't have my wardrobe. Triple double quadrupal great. But honestly, it saves me the hassle of figuring out what to wear which I would think too much about otherwise. I don't like thinking.

Today I was gonna try and sleep till eleven or something but I woke up at 9:30 because Someone was knocking at my door. I opened it and the guy was like 'sorry'. YEAH TOO LATE IàM AWAKE NOW ASSHOLE.
Just kidding. I don't have good earplugs and housekeeping was super loud so I got up and wandered around to nowhere. I walked through the Plaza Santa Maggiore and over to where termini is. Termini has this store called UPIN with clothes in it. Men and women. Termini has a lot. And it's huge. Anyway, I bought some undies cus i only have one pair. They are white. And may or may not fit. I don't know because if I messed around with them too much the poisoness red liquid in the steal prevention contraption might have broken and scarred my skin forever. If you are in italy, do not steal or you will get nuked.

I admit I thought about it for a second because I didn't really wanna pay for the underwear. You know, using money, standing in lines eeh.

But I did anyway! She stopped me to give me my reciept. Why? dunno.

Now i'm here.
I left out the cappuccino--amazing cappuccino this morning.

Okay gtg buy stuff.

Signing off.


miss brix said...

what insanity! i miss you!

Knee Coal said...

oh yikes! yeah, T5 is all over the news right now. i am so so so sorry, love.

Captain Julie said...

It's okay. I get to buy a new wardrobe?